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  • What do I do for Hypersensitivity and to stop cavities?
    Brush and clean teeth with PYX toothpaste followed by rinsing with PROFLO PLUS mouthwash undiluted.
  • How to get quick relief from sensitive teeth and also achieve remineralization of enamel?
    Use PYX SF toothpaste twice daily.
  • What do I use for plaque control?
    Use ASTER-X mouthwash full strength once a day for a fortnight.
  • How do I prevent caries (cavities)?
    Use PROFLO mouthwash in 1:3 dilution, once a day.
  • What do I do for aphthous ulcers and pain relief?
    Apply GEE-X gel 3 to 4 times daily for immediate pain relief from mouth ulcers.
  • What do we use to control cavities in children?
    For children above the age of three years, use PYX KIDZ toothpaste twice a day.
  • How to use mechanical oral hygeine aids?
    PYX PERIO soft brush is for everyday use For interdental cleaning use PYX PROXY Floss & PYX Interdental brush.



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