Frequently asked questions

What do I do for Hypersensitivity and to stop cavities?

Brush and clean teeth with PYX toothpaste followed by rinsing with PROFLO PLUS mouthwash undiluted.

How to get quick relief from sensitive teeth and also achieve remineralization of enamel?

Use PYX SF toothpaste twice daily.

What do I use for plaque control?

Use ASTER-X mouthwash full strength once a day for a fortnight.

How do I prevent caries (cavities)?

Use PROFLO mouthwash in 1:3 dilution, once a day.

What do I do for aphthous ulcers and pain relief?

Apply GEE-X gel 3 to 4 times daily for immediate pain relief from mouth ulcers.

What do we use to control cavities in children?

For children above the age of three years, use PYX KIDZ toothpaste twice a day.

How to use mechanical oral hygeine aids?

PYX PERIO soft brush is for everyday use
For interdental cleaning use PYX PROXY Floss & PYX Interdental brush.



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